Will you be the last man standing? Try Survivor - our take on the classic 'Last Man Standing' game. Pick one team each week that you think will win to progress through to the next round. The winner takes all!


Survivor: Our Take on 'Last Man Standing'

If you're a fan of Last Man Standing, Survivor could be the perfect game for you. Experience the same excitement and challenge you know and love, but in a digital, hassle-free environment.


Eliminate the Hassle of Managing Last Man Standing Competitions

Say goodbye to Last Man Standing headaches! Let us handle setup, game weeks, rules, and payments efficiently with Survivor pot.


We Manage Money and Payouts for You

No more waiting or delays! We manage money and payouts, ensuring a seamless experience. Enjoy peace of mind with prompt and secure winnings.


Play Privately or Join Public Pots

Enjoy flexibility with Betmate! Create private Survivor pots for friends or join public ones for big cash prizes. The choice is yours!


Utilize Survivor to Raise Funds

Make a difference with Survivor! Set a creator rake to allocate up to 50% of the pot for charity when creating private pots. Contribute to meaningful causes effortlessly while enjoying the game.


Completely Free to Use!

Experience Survivor with 0% commission on private pots. Utilize our tech for free; payouts go directly to winners. No hidden costs, just seamless gaming.

Create A Survivor Pot & Play Against Your Mates

Step 1

Select The Fixtures

Step 2

Set The Rules

Step 3

Invite Your Mates


Fundraising For Grass Roots Football

Survivor enables grass roots football teams to fundraise for their club with 0% fee's. This is our way of giving back to the community!


Pots Created




Total Raised

Betmates Love Goalscorer!

Best Betting App!

Single game fantasy football makes games so much more interesting (if you pick the right players). Very easy to use.Been on the app for just over a year and can vouch you can definitely make some real profit with low stakes games!Can't complain and it's only getting better.

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Betting As It Should Be

Betmate provides the opportunity for players to take part in a fantasy football like game. The pot pays out multiple places and the entry fees are low. I enter the pot with mates, it cost me £3 to play (fixed entry fee), so it doesn’t break the bank and then we compete against each-other and others to win the pot. Responsible and enjoyable, as it should be!

Sadio Mane Fan
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Fantasy Football on Speed!

Brilliant app which helps me enjoy the benefits of fantasy football without the disappointment of missing them “weekly deadlines”. I can play against my friends and we know that usually, one of us will win! Makes watching the game that little bit more fun whilst keeping my little “dabble” responsible!

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Survivor FAQ's

How Does Survivor Work?

Betmate Survivor is is our version of the community classic "Last Man Standing". You set the game week, the stake and fundraiser rake, it's that simple!

What Are The Rules?

Each week, players face the challenge of selecting a Premier League team they believe will win - it's that simple.Guess right, and you advance to the next round. But here's the twist: Once you've placed your faith in a team, you can't pick them again! The tension builds until the last player or players standing claim the coveted prize pool.It's a test of strategy, foresight, and a little bit of luck. Are you game?

How Is It Free?

We're on a mission to expand our Betmate family, inviting more enthusiasts to experience a new type of gaming brand which focuses on responsibility and community. But it's not just about the game - it's about giving back to the grassroots football that we all love.Survivor and Betmate - it's where the thrill of football meets with community spirit and the excitement of fundraising.Join us in transforming the way we support the beautiful game.