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A Fresh Take on Fantasy Football

Get ready for a fresh challenge every week with our Daily Fantasy Football. Never get bored by January again!

FT Result - Our Twist on the Acca

Betmate FT Result adds a social twist to the classic accumulator, where you choose between the Home/Away team to win, or you may even be brave enough to call it a draw! 👀

You don't need everything right to win big, but if you do score everything right, you unlock a huge Jackpot, usually worth thousands.

Survivor: AKA Last Man Standing

Our take on the classic Last Man Standing -  simply pick one team to win each Gameweek... sounds simple, but it's a game of strategy!

Will Both Teams Score... Yes or NO?

Just answer - 'Yes' or 'No' and earn points per correct prediction!


Play Betmate Bet Builder

Introducing the Bet Builder you already know, now with a twist! You don't have to nail every prediction to win big!


Feel The Thrill With Goalscorer

Love picking an Anytime GoalScorer? Hate having to get them all right to win? This game is for you...


We Have Winners All Across The UK

There's always a winner on Betmate, with over £500,000+ paid out already!

Betmate vs The Bookies


People-vs-People social betting!
The Players Are 'The House'
It's you vs real people.
Socially Responsible
You can't spend hundreds of pounds at anytime, on anything.
Low Stakes Platform
We set low stakes, with entry fees usually under £10.
Social Betting
We are People-vs-People, always.


Betting against the house.
'The House Always Wins'
As the old saying goes...
Irresponsible Practices
Fewer built-in mechanisms to prevent excessive spending.
Dated Offerings
Less social, engaging and in our opinion, fun.
Interaction is transactional and can be isolating, with limited community engagement.

Betmate was born out of our love for sports and the friendly competition of a punt between mates. It is our answer to the often isolating and risky world of traditional betting - with a keen eye on creating a social, safe and genuinely enjoyable platform.

We're committed to building the best people-vs-people games on markets you're already familiar with, but with our own twist added on - from Fantasy Football, to your 1X2 Acca, we're here to cover it all.

Join us and be part of the growing community, where the joy of the sport always comes first.

Declan Dowling & Ryan Lawrence
Betmate Founders

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Betmate FAQ's

What is Betmate?

Betmate is a social betting app where you can bet against your peers. We have taken traditional football betting markets (Full-Time Result, GoalScorer, Both Teams To Score and Fantasy Football) and turned them into new and exciting games that you can play against real people. Betmate does not offer fixed odds betting or casinos. All game types are played in a peer-to-peer format so someone always wins!

What is social betting?

Social betting is betting against other people rather than betting against the bookie. It’s like that Fantasy Football league you paid to be in where 1st place wins the prize. When you’re betting against other people there is a much fairer playing field as there are no odds stacked in anyone's favour. Therefore, it can help keep betting fun, the way it should be!

What’s the difference between Betmate and a Sportsbook?

A sportsbook offers fixed odds betting where punters can bet on certain outcomes of a contest to try and win money from the Sportsbook. It's the punter vs the professional Sportsbook. 

Betmate, on the other hand, is a social betting app where players play against each other in different game modes (Full-Time Result, GoalScorer, Both Teams To Score, Fantasy Football and Survivor) to win a share of the prize pot.

How do I get started on Betmate?

To get started on Betmate you first need to install the app. Then, register your account and verify your identity in a few easy steps. Once your account is verified, you will be able to see the lobby page. 

On the lobby page, there is a list of pots in which you are able to join. These are for our different game modes (Full-Time Result, GoalScorer, Both Teams To Score, Fantasy Football and Survivor), look out for the game mode pills on the bottom left on the pot card! 

Each pot card will detail the amount guaranteed to be won (Left-hand side), whether there is a Jackpot (Under the previous amount), the entry fee (Right-hand side) and the start date and time (Under the entry fee).

Click join on the pot that suits you best! (Note for pots with multiple different payout/entry fee options it will list the number of pots instead of the entry fee) Once you click join, you will be greeted with a pot info page which will cover all of the pot information including payout structure (1st,2nd,3rd etc), the fixtures covered in the pot, max entries into the pot etc.

Then it’s time to either make your selections or pick your team (depending on the game mode) and find your name on the leaderboard, wait for the games to begin, and watch the leaderboard in play to see how you’re getting on!

How do I know if I’ve won?

For the majority of Betmate’s game modes (Full-Time Result, GoalScorer, Both Teams To Score and Fantasy Football) the winner will be the player who scores the most points, thus finishing top of the leaderboard. 

There is a leaderboard for each pot so once you’ve joined a pot, if you tap “My Bets” at the bottom of the lobby screen, here you will find your Open and Settled bets. 

When in play, you can check your position on the leaderboard LIVE as the points come in by going to “Open Bets” and tapping “View” to see how your predictions/team is performing and your place on the leaderboard. 

Once the fixtures have come to an end and the pot has settled, your bet will move to “Settled” and your position in the leaderboard will be finalised. 

Top tip: Check the pot info page before joining a pot to see the payout breakdown as often on Betmate it’s not just 1st place that wins but there are often multiple winners so even if you don’t finish 1st, you may well have still won!

Can I set up a Betmate game privately?

Yes, of course! 

At Betmate we offer the choice of public and private pots. This means you are able to play against other Betmate users for guaranteed cash prizes or play privately against your mates. 

To create a private pot, just for you and your mates, press the “Create” button at the bottom of the lobby screen. From there you are able to choose your game mode (Fantasy Football or Survivor) and select your stake, payout breakdown & give your pot a personalised name! 

Then you can share your private pot via the link provided or the pot code and invite your mates to take you on.

How are the points calculated on Betmate’s games?

Betmate points are calculated using Opta, a data-driven statistics provider who are recognised across the Football industry. 

Opta provides all the stats from Full-Time Results, Goals, Assists, Tackles Won and much more. 

To find out each game mode's rules when on the “pot information” screen swipe to the right until you land on the “rules” screen where you can see what each game mode scores points on.

Does Betmate have a referral scheme?

Yes, Betmate does have a referral scheme called Refer-A-Betmate. 

You can Refer-A-Betmate by heading to the app and tapping the player profile button in the top right corner of the screen. Then tap “Earn free gift” or the gold handshake and your referral link will be there to send on to your mates. 

Once your referred player has signed up, deposited and played any paid pot you and your mate will both receive a £10 free bet to use on any game mode! 

To keep track of your referrals check the “referrals” tab to keep an eye on your mate's progress and make sure they don’t leave you hanging.

Can I get free bets and how do I use them?

Free bets are available on Betmate. You can get them on sign-up through a promo code or by playing a free pot that is on offer (Follow us on social media to look out for these).

Your free bets will appear in app as an orange gift icon which is displayed in the top right corner of the home screen. When you come to join a pot that same orange gift icon will appear in the bottom right corner next to the deposit button. When you click the orange gift icon you will see the free bets you have available and whether or not they are eligible for that pot. If your free bet or bets are eligible then click the free bet you wish to use and then join the pot for free!

Didn’t find the answer you are looking for? View our FAQ page