“It only takes a second to score a goal” - Brian Clough.
Betmate Goal Scorer keeps you on the edge of your seat for the full 90 minutes of any football match!


Goal-Getter Predictions!

Predict an anytime goalscorer and earn points if they score. No more dead bets when your first goalscorer doesn't bag first!


Streamlined Selections!

Say goodbye to scrolling through sportsbooks. We hand-select the fixtures; you choose the outcomes.


European Goal-Scoring Action!

Explore Goalscorers across top European competitions like Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A.


Your Winning Edge!

Unlike most sportsbooks, we're here to help you win! Access the stats you need to make informed Goalscorer picks and stay ahead of the game!


Weekly Cash Bonanza!

Score £100's guaranteed weekly with our Goalscorer pots, available midweek and daily across Europe's top-tier leagues. Multiple chances to win BIG every week!


Hedge your bets!

Hedge your bets by making multiple selections in our games. With multi-pick, explore alternative outcomes and increase your chances of winning!

Create A Fantasy Pot & Play Against Your Mates

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Select The Fixtures

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Set The Rules

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Betmates Love Goalscorer!

Best Betting App!

Single game fantasy football makes games so much more interesting (if you pick the right players). Very easy to use.Been on the app for just over a year and can vouch you can definitely make some real profit with low stakes games!Can't complain and it's only getting better.

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Betting As It Should Be

Betmate provides the opportunity for players to take part in a fantasy football like game. The pot pays out multiple places and the entry fees are low. I enter the pot with mates, it cost me £3 to play (fixed entry fee), so it doesn’t break the bank and then we compete against each-other and others to win the pot. Responsible and enjoyable, as it should be!

Sadio Mane Fan
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Fantasy Football on Speed!

Brilliant app which helps me enjoy the benefits of fantasy football without the disappointment of missing them “weekly deadlines”. I can play against my friends and we know that usually, one of us will win! Makes watching the game that little bit more fun whilst keeping my little “dabble” responsible!

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Goalscorer FAQ's

Is there a deadline to save my selections?

You can pick and save your GoalScorers until the pot starts. So yes, you can make a selection early and then change it once the lineups are out! 

If someone gets injured in the warm-up - you’ve still got time to change your Goalscorer!

If you forget to pick a Captain then remember before the game - you’ve still got time to change your GoalScorer! If you just panic that your team is rubbish and want to change it last minute - you’ve still got time to change your GoalScorer! 

How do you decide who has scored a Goal?

Don’t worry we’re not in a room watching every game marking down who has scored a goal. All of Betmate’s data is powered by Opta, a highly reputable statistics company, and they decide who is awarded the goal.

How does it work?

Predict an anytime Goalscorer for each chosen fixture. You then earn 4 points for any Goalscorer prediction that is correct. The more points you earn the higher you rank in the leaderboard. If your in a paid place at the final whistle the cash prize is yours.

Can you see your points in-play?

Yes, you certainly can. 

Your Goalscorer points will update live in-play, powered by Opta stats, so you can celebrate every goal in real time. 

One of the most exciting parts about Betmate’s Goalscorer is that you can see your position on the leaderboard change throughout the 90 minutes. With anytime Goalscorer the excitement build up right up until the final whistle.

Is there a deadline to save my selection?

You can pick and save your selection up until the pot starts. So yes, you can pick a player early and then change it once the lineups are out! 

If someone gets injured in the warm-up - you’ve still got time to change your team!

Once the lineups are announced, the players who are starting the game will have a green tick by their player icon to highlight that they are starting.