Full Time Result

Betmate FT Result adds a social twist to the classic accumulator, where you choose between the Home/Away team to win or you may even be brave enough to call it a draw!


Earn with Every Correct Prediction!

In FT Result, every correct prediction earns points, propelling you up the leaderboard. Secure a paid place at the final whistle to claim your prize!


Weekend Warrior Bet!

Bid farewell to accas that fall at the first hurdle. FT Result spans the entire weekend, ensuring your bet remains in contention for a payout!


European Excitement

Dive into FT Result across top European leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and Serie A.


Unlock the Jackpot!

In FT Result, win even if your acca isn't perfect. But when it is, unlock an exclusive Jackpot up to £3,000 on top of your winnings!


Weekly Cash Bonanza!

Score £1,000's guaranteed weekly with our FT Result pots, available midweek and daily across Europe's top-tier leagues. Multiple chances to win BIG every week!


Hedge Your Bets

Hedge your bets by making multiple selections in our games. With multi-pick, explore alternative outcomes and increase your chances of winning!

Create A FT Result Pot & Play Against Your Mates

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Select The Fixtures

Step 2

Set The Rules

Step 3

Invite Your Mates


Betmates Love FT Result!

Best Betting App!

Single game fantasy football makes games so much more interesting (if you pick the right players). Very easy to use.Been on the app for just over a year and can vouch you can definitely make some real profit with low stakes games!Can't complain and it's only getting better.

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Betting As It Should Be

Betmate provides the opportunity for players to take part in a fantasy football like game. The pot pays out multiple places and the entry fees are low. I enter the pot with mates, it cost me £3 to play (fixed entry fee), so it doesn’t break the bank and then we compete against each-other and others to win the pot. Responsible and enjoyable, as it should be!

Sadio Mane Fan
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Fantasy Football on Speed!

Brilliant app which helps me enjoy the benefits of fantasy football without the disappointment of missing them “weekly deadlines”. I can play against my friends and we know that usually, one of us will win! Makes watching the game that little bit more fun whilst keeping my little “dabble” responsible!

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Full Time Result FAQ's

How does FT Result differ from an accumulator?

Betmate’s FT Result is a social twist on the classic accumulator bet. Here are the main differences:
Betmate selects the fixtures - Each FT Result pot will have pre selected fixtures for you to predict that Betmate have selected. Unlike, a normal accumulator where you may spend hours to try and find the right value there are no odds in this game and all the fixtures are ready for your prediction.

Someone always wins - On Betmate’s FT Result you can lose a leg (aka get a prediction wrong) and yet still win! As you are playing against other people and not a bookie, to finish in the paid places you just need to beat the other player's scores. Unlike, a normal accumulator where one leg can let down your entire bet.

Jackpot payout - You’ll notice with the FT Result pots there is usually a Jackpot payout. This means if you do predict all of the Full-Time Results correctly then you will receive a Jackpot payout on top of the 1st place prize!

Can I only enter a FT Result pot once?

No. You can enter a FT Result pot more than once, usually x5 times, but check the pot information page to see how many entrants are allowed for that pot. 

There are normally a couple of fixtures that players can be indecisive about so we’ve allowed more entries per player so you can ‘hedge your bet’. 

What is the FT Result Jackpot?

Betmate’s FT Result Jackpot is awarded to players when they correctly predict all the fixture's FT Results. 

The Jackpot payout is highlighted with a crown icon before entering a pot and if you win the Jackpot your username will appear on the leaderboard with this same icon and you will go down in Betmate history! 

However, if more than one person correctly predicts all of the fixtures FT Results then the Jackpot will be split equally amongst these players. 

Can I win even if I don’t get all of my predictions right? 

Yes, of course you can! 

In this player vs player game you only need to beat the other players to come top of the pot. If the highest score that week is 10/12 then that player will take home 1st prize even though they didn’t get all their predictions right. 

There is no need to go searching for value in your traditional accumulator when you can enter FT Result hassle-free and still win even with a wrong prediction.