Game Rules

These game rules are effective from 11th August 2023. All previous game rules are cancelled.

1. Pick your Betmate Survivor pot 🎯

You can join up until the kickoff of the first game for the first Round for that pot (e.g., Round 1 first game is Burnley vs Man City, 11th August, Friday 20:00). You must have enough money to pay the entry fee or enough free bets to enter the pot. Each pot will have varying fixtures; check the pot info page for full details.

2. Choose one team a Round, before the deadline, to win! 🏅

For each individual Round, you must select a team to win! You cannot pick the same team twice; once a team is selected in a previous Round, it becomes unavailable for future Rounds. The deadline is determined by the first fixture's kickoff time (e.g., Round 1 first game is Burnley vs Man City, 11th August, Friday 20:00).If you miss the deadline, the lowest-available-ranked team for that Round is automatically selected. The full-time result of a fixture is determined by the result at the end of 90 minutes (+ any injury time). If a fixture is decided by Extra Time or by a Penalty Shootout, the full-time result will still be determined by the result at the end of 90 minutes (+ any injury time).

3. If your team wins, you go through to the next Round. If your team loses or draws…you will be eliminated. 😬

If your chosen team wins…you survive and are through to the next RoundIf your chosen team loses… you have not survived and are eliminated. If your chosen team draws… you have not survived and are eliminated. If you go through to the next Round, by choosing a winning team, the next Round selections will open shortly after the previous Round has ended.

4. Check the leaderboard after each Round to see how many Betmate’s survived 🏆

Keep an eye on the leaderboard during & after each Round. Look for these symbols:Green Star: 🌟 You won!Green Tick: ✅ Through!Red Cross: ❌ Out this Round.Red Cross (Rx): ❌ Out previously.If all players in a Round pick the same team that loses or draws, the pot gets split. Survive the longest to become the Betmate Survivor Champion! 🏅

Changing your selections

Once you've entered a pot and made your selection for that Round, you can change your selection as often as you like until the deadline for that Round.

Depositing Funds

You can only deposit funds using a debit card; the use of credit cards is prohibited and will not be processed. Depositing money is only allowed if we have previously confirmed your age and identity.

Entering A Game

To enter a game, you must have enough available funds or free bets in your account to cover the entry fee. If you have not paid or confirmed your selection before the game deadline, you will not be permitted to play. Depending on the rules set by the game you are joining, you may be allowed to enter once or multiple times using the same account. Once you've joined a game, you cannot withdraw or cancel your entry fee for any reason.

Admin Fee

Betmate charges a flexible admin fee based on the number of participants per pot. The payouts listed in public pots are fixed and will not increase unless stated otherwise by Betmate. Private pots have an admin fee of 0%, and the payout increases by the entry fee for each new entry.


In-play scoring is for the enjoyment of all Betmate customers. However, official scoring only happens once the pot is finalised.Once pots are finalised, pots will move to your “Settled Bets” section of the app. Occasionally, data providers may change official scores after a pot has been settled on Betmate. These corrections are rare, but can occur.Any changes to official scoring after a pot is settled will not impact pots that have been settled and we will honour payouts that have already been settled. If at any point, you have queries about the data we are receiving from our data provider, please contact support@betmate.app who will be able to help. We use official statistics from Opta for the purposes of our scoring system. We may change third-party providers on occasion without notice.

Winning and Pot Distribution

The winner(s) of a game will be the player(s) who survive the longest by picking a winning team each week. Pot distribution can vary, for example:
One Winner: If only one player survives a Round, that player wins all the money in the pot.
Multiple Winners: If all players pick the same team and that team loses or draws, the pot will be split equally.

Withdrawing Funds

You can only withdraw funds to a debit card; withdrawal to a credit card is prohibited. A minimum of £20 in your account is required to process a withdrawal.

Postponed Fixtures

If a fixture is canceled, postponed, or rescheduled, it will be void from the GW. Betmate's discretion will determine the continuation if more than one fixture is affected. If the Round is voided, players continue to the next Round.

Incomplete Fixtures

If a fixture is not completed, the Round will be voided for all players, and the pot will resume in the next GW.


A player will only survive a Round when they pick a team that wins their fixture, in 90 mins (+ injury time), in that Round.


The above game rules are subject to change. Betmate reserves the right to change these games rules at any time without prior notice